The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz

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2.Author: Lyman Frank Baum

3.Main Characters: Dorothy, Toto, Tinman, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, and the Wizard of Oz

4.Setting: First Dorothy is in Kansas, then she is in the land of oz

5.Main Conflict: Dorothy wants to get out of her family business which is a café and wants to go someplace away from her home. When a big tornado whisks Dorothy and her dog Toto away in their house into a mythical land.

6.Plot Summary:
Dorothy is a teenage girl who has dreams of going somewhere away from Kansas.
One day a tornado suddenly appeared in Kansas and gets Dorothy and her dog Toto
Then as the tornado whips Dorothy’s house it stops and the house has landed in the land of Oz
Dorothy and Toto step out into the magical land and meets a bunch of little munchkins who tell her to fallow the yellow brick road
The munchkins told Dorothy that if she fallows the yellow brick road then she will find the wonderful wizard of oz who will help Dorothy become the singer that she had always dreamed of
Dorothy had found three other companians along the way
She had become friends with all of them
The first was a talking scarecrow who had always dreamed of getting brains
The second was a talking lion, he had always dreamed of having courage
The third was a talking Tin woodman, (Tinman) who had always dreamed of having a heart
Along the way Dorothy encounters the wicked witch of the west
Dorothy and her friends end up destroying the wicked witches
Dorothy and her friends get to the wizard of oz
They ask him for what they had come for
Dorothy figures out that the wonderful wizard of oz is just a regular man and that he had been acting like a powerful thing
The wonderful wizard of oz doesn’t grant them their wishes because he cant
But Dorothy got what she wanted because she worked hard
The others had figured out that they had knowledge, and courage, and a heart

7.Climax: When Dorothy and her friends find the wonderful wizard of oz...

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