The Wonderful and Amazing Additional in Our Lives

The Wonderful and Amazing Additional in Our Lives

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Full name: Nguyen Thi Thuy` Linh
Class: K40E1-CFL-VNU
Date: 2-11-2008

Essay writing
Theme Media

Describe the media that you rely on to get information about world events. (Newspapers, radio, TV, Internet, etc.)

The Internet is indeed a wonderful and amazing addition in our lives. On the way it comes, Internet has provided people from all over the world with almost everything under the sun, either for the sake of work or entertainment. Especially, in the field of spreading knowledge, the Internet has proved to be the number one delivering.

As for me, the Internet seemingly is the best device to get information about world events. Just with a computer and an Internet Service Provider, I can surf as much as possible the huge amount of knowledge from all the worldwide.

Firstly, in the light of the advantages of Internet, they cover almost any good features of a media inasmuch they cannot be fully listed out in just a paper length. On top, information from the Internet is from all perspectives of life, which is not only likely to be accessed at fingertips but is provided galore as well. World events in a day can all be headlined in International online newspapers or magazines. More than that, as a good device to find and sort out almost everything, the “search engines” on the Internet can help find data on any issue that is needed. Another very useful feature of the Internet is its convenience. It is fast and often updated quickly. What is more, as you can access information from anywhere and anytime, you can save a lot of time and energy. Now, you no longer have to wait days after days for news but just get online, with some click and you can find your own matters of interest to dig in.

Secondly, as the other side of the coin, together with so many catchy advantages of the Internet, there are also a lot of matters appearing. At a quick glance, the very disadvantage of getting information from the Internet is that, too often, it is not...

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