The Work Break-Down Structure

The Work Break-Down Structure

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Milestones can be a particularly important part of schedules, importantly projects. In order to make milestones SMART, It is important that the milestones should be specific, measureable, assignable, realistic and time-framed. Here is a list of milestones for this project:

• Initial scope statement finalized and signed off on

• Team contract signed

• WBS created and finished

• GANTT chart signed off

• Resource table completed

• Schedule and cost baseline completed

• Security needs compiled

• Web-application initial draft completed

• Test plan

• Web-site goes live

When the scope of the project is identified, the specific goal of finding out what the project needs will be from the sponsor. This will assure our team that this project will be success. The document can be qualified as the measureable result of the process. We can set a deadline for the sign-off the project scope an estimate its length. This result will assure that the project is realistic and time-framed.

The work break-down structure defines the key points that the project will cover. Therefore, it is important that the WBS should be specific and measureable. It is realistic time frame because it can be estimated based on the resources and the work to be done. By determining the resources and documentation, it is specific and measureable within the scope of the any project and this document would be presented and signed off in a realistic time-framed manner.

The security risks of this project were assessed through the team which will put forward the security needs assessment and ways to solve them in the form of a document. This result will assure our team that it is measureable and achievable within a realistic timeframe if assigned to the right team members.

It is also important to have the initial draft for web-application is finalized, once it has been finalized, its measureable and achievable. After it has been...

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