The Worl

The Worl

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Did the invention of the computer change the world for the better or the worse?
-- Bei
During these years, the youth crime rate gets a lot of attentions. Some experts on the youth education argue that the main offender of the serious problem is the computer games and the illegal net pages, which bring really bad influence on the youth. The problem even triggers a lot of discussion on should we use computers. However, any invention is originally created with the good wish to help change the world better, and the harm is actually from the wrong application by people. The invention of computer did change the world better due to its incomparable distribution to the world development and the life equality improvement.

The invention of computer did big contribution to technology development due to its high speed calculation, which is the base of any progress of the advanced technology. Since inventing the computer, people get more knowledge of the universe. For example, we can predict some precious wonders of the universe, for we know the running orbit of the stars, as well as their running circle; we can get the weather information of the coming few days and set plans in advance, for we know the change of cloud integration and the moving speed of wind and current. The situations above need plenty of calculation, and they have all been achieved after we have the computer.

Computer brings people a lot of conveniences, which are more obvious in the modern life. By using computer, we get the fast and accurate information. We get the news quickly that has just happened in the other side of the earth in a few hours, and even we can get a lot of commentary on this case. We also get more conveniences on working, banking, and travelling. We use software instead of handwriting, we pay the monthly credit balance and manage our business online, and we book tickets and hotel just by clicking a few buttons. We...

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