The World Has Changed for the Worse

The World Has Changed for the Worse

The world has changed 100% for the better. Just 30 years ago you did not have most of the necessary components in existence for half of the things that are an integral part of your life today, including the computer that you are sitting at to pose this question.

Saying that the world has changed for the worse would be favoring some of the horrible things that we have eradicated that previously kept down humanity to the comfortable chair you now sit in with your life unthreatened by any immediate means. Don believe the cynical media, humanity's advancements are undeniable and will continue irregardless of the situation.

As the human race, we are constantly finding ourselves being distanced from nature, and the earth we have to live on, exchanging that bond for material possessions and money. We're growing apart from each other, and segregating the earth into nations, and religions, and groups, and cliques, and this segregation is happening on every level, instead of there just being an acceptance that we are all a part of the singular that is humanity. There are less and less Gandhi's and Martin Luther Kings every day.

The path that the human race is currently taking is only bound to collapse in on itself and be reborn as something right, or to continue down this treacherous path until we all die out. We can't keep monopolizing the earth with our technology and expect it to continue to provide us with life, instead we need to use technology (which is the extension of human attributes) to work and live in harmony with each other, and the world, every one of us as equals, and seeing as society is clearly not heading in that direction, but away from it, the world is constantly changing for the worse.

Sorry to be so bleak.

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