The World of Andy Warhol

The World of Andy Warhol

The World Of Andy Warhol

On august 6, 1928; in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a son of Slovak immigrants was born by the name of Andrew Warhola. Andy did not have a very good childhood. When Andy was about eight years old he was diagnosed with St. Vitus, a nervous system disease causing involuntary movements which is believed to be a complication of scarlet fever. St. Vitus was also why Warhol had blotchy white skin. As a child Andy was often bed-ridden and never got the opportunity to develop a social nitch. His best friend growing up was his own mother. Being bed-ridden so much is what contributed to Warhol’s intrest in pop culture. Often when he was sick he would lay in bed and listen to music, draw, and sometimes plaster pictures of actors and actresses around his walls. After Andy finished school, he went on to study commercial art at the School of Fine Arts at Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburg.
Warhol’s career started in 1949 when he moved to New York City to do Magazine Illustrations for major magazine companies.

In the 50s Warhol became famous for his whimsical
ink drawings like the one illustrated above.
In the 60s, Warhol got the great idea to paint paintings of famous American products such as Campbell Soup cans and Coca-Cola.

He also started painting pictures of famous celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Troy Donahue, and Elizabeth Taylor. Andy’s paintings where based on, at the time, present American Pop Culture. He painted anything and everything the symbolized American Pop Culture. Everything from dollar bills and celebrities to brand name products and newspaper clippings. What was great about his art is everyone recognized the art and new what he painted and why. Andy Warhol found a way to project American pop culture in art. This was great because it got people to respect art a little more. What was so great about this was that everyone bought the same things, it didn’t matter if you were rich or...

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