The World of International Business

The World of International Business

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In order to properly be able to communicate within the world of international business, individuals must understand the how labor forces influence international business. International business can be defined as business deals across national boundaries throughout the world. These deals are created and carried out to meet different client’s needs and everything from labor quality to mobility effect how well the client’s needs are met. While the task of managing international business can be daunting, with a little bit of research and understanding it can be very successful. Business managers must learn to manage polices, information technology systems, and be respectful of their host country’s rules and regulations. International business managers must be able to look at the needed work force and determine the availability with their host country as well as the cost and level of skill needed.

The labor market is the relationship that workers and companies have. It constantly changes based on the supply and demand of labor. When determining what labor is needed, business’s want to find skilled workers at a low, manageable cost while skilled workers want to get the highest pay for their skills. Different factors that will determine how much a laborer should be paid are how much experience and education they have as well as their work ethics and quality of work. Outside influences can affect the price of labor as well. For example, if there is a high unemployment rate in the host country skilled workers can be obtained at a lower cost. Other factors are labor unions, high demand for workers, and the laws of the host country regarding wages.

There are several qualities that make a good worker. The most important quality of a worker is their labor quality. By working efficiently and creating a well made product workers can maximize potential income. However, the quantity of a product is just as important as the quality. For example if a worker is...

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