The World Without Advertising

The World Without Advertising

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What would a world without advertising be like? Consider and develop as many aspects as you can, and illustrate with precise examples. Would you like to live in such a world?


The law of supply and demand
Price war
Misleading advertising = publicité mensongère
Urban aspect


1/Stimulate the production


- If a world without ads exists, the competition between companies will decrease, the production of the factories would be reduced.
So, if there are few products and a lot of demand the price will be exaggeratedly expensive : this is the law of supply and demand.

- Prices will increase because of the disappearing of the price war.

- It won’t exist a wide choice of products.



- We wouldn’t be informed about the latest technologies or clothes so we couldn’t buy the right things.

- We wouldn’t know most of the product which exist on the market, so we will not buy the product which will be suitable for our needs.

- Without ads people would live in closed society, globalization won’t exist.

- Advertising permits to make something better known. For example, the ads about condoms permit a better understanding of AIDS and to reduce the risks of the sexuality transmitting diseases. So without ads the people won’t be aware of the risks of some diseases or the road hazards like the many ads in France…


- Ad pushes you to buy useless things which you wouldn’t buy if you haven’t seen the ad, so no seeing ads allows you to not waste your money.

3/Urban aspect


- The urban aspect wouldn’t be the same. No posters, billboards like in Sao Paulo where the mayor decided to switch all the billboards in the city…You can see a video about this in this website

When you see this video, you’ll notice that...

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