The Y's Family

The Y's Family

Assignment # 1

Client is 34 years old divorced African American female, mother of four children; a 17 years old male, a 14 years old female, 11 years old female, and a 9 years old male. She is currently receiving Unemployment due to a lay-off in her job. The Y’s family resides at 430 3rd Ave. Newark, NJ 07107. She attends Saint Francis Catholic church every Sunday.

Client is about 6 feet tall, black curly hair, and she is wearing a beautiful lavender blouse that matches according her pants and shoes. She seems to be nervous, as she constantly fidgeted in her chair and rapped her fingers on the desk. She seems to be a soft-spoken woman while she was talking about her recently divorce.

Client stated that her mother’s pregnancy was problematic. During her pregnancy she used to smoke a lot. Due to her behavior her father used to abuse her verbally and physically. When she was seven months pregnant he bit her up causing an early delivery. Even though the delivery was normal, they suggested putting the newborn into an incubator to complete the full pregnancy cycle.

As a child, she was very outgoing. During childhood she used to participate in every activity at school. She loved sports. One of her favorites was soccer. Her school years were the best because she had the opportunity to play with all her classmates since she was the only child in the house. Her childhood was turbulent because her parents used to fight a lot. Most of the time her father used to bit her mother up. Then her mother used to hit her for any little thing without a reason. She used to be so scared when she hears her parents’ argument because she knew that it was going to end in a bit.

As an adult or adolescent, she describes her self as a social person, but she selects her friends. She doesn’t trust anybody in her house. She had experience that her best-friend stole her husband. She was the cause of her divorce. At this present time she...

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