Theatrical Technician

Theatrical Technician

Theatrical Technician

Theatre contains more than just one aspect, acting; it contains various elements that altogether make theatre what we know today. A theatrical technician is just one career in theatre. Theatrical technicians operate the technical equipment and systems in the theatre. This job is not a simple one either, since theatrical technicians, or techies, may be in charge of multiple tasks for one production. They could even be working by themselves or with a small group.

First off, techies can be found working in a theatre which can be located just about anywhere. They could be working in New York or in Miami, or even in other countries as well. Technicians also work in small theaters in communities; they do not necessarily have to be working for large theaters like the ones for Broadway performances.

Next a theatre technician's salary, and this is not much, not to mention the payment could be in items instead of money. The position could be either paid or a volunteer one. An average salary could range at 34,000 dollars and even this amount depends on the location, company, experience, benefits and industry. (Simply Hired) They could also receive payment through compensation, in which they earn, for example, free tickets to current or future productions. The reason for this form of payment is to not cost the producer more expenses. (My Majors)

Thirdly, we reach a technician’s responsibilities and they have multiple tasks they must complete for a production. They have to construct the set plus they are in charge of any theatrical carpentry done. They also operate the sound system, which deals with any necessary sound effects or music. A techie also has to operate the light board, follow spot, and have to deal with the hanging & maintenance of stage lighting. They manage the stage, which is ensuring everything is located correctly. They also manage costumes and props along...

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