Thematic Unit

Thematic Unit

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(Based on the short story)


Toni Cade Bambara


This unit will help students realize the connections between literature and everyday life. While incorporating "Raymond's Run" into the unit, students can relate to the characters and topics surrounding the short story. Students will be introduced to elements of a short story, literary elements, vocabulary usage, paragraph structure, making predictions, drawing conclusions, theme development, point of view, comparison and contrast, and graphic organizers. Students will be involved in group discussions. Topics on bullying and conflict will also be addressed in this unit. The computer will be an essential tool for students to research topics or other related assignments.


This unit is designed for middle school students from all ethnic backgrounds who might be faced with difficulties in trying to achieve their dreams in life.


This unit was created to help students overcome obstacles that they might encounter at school. The short story "Raymond's Run" was included in the unit because it focuses on bullying, self-identity, and discrimination. The young girl in the story had to face many of the problems that adolescents identify with today. The intent of this unit is to motivate and encourage students to accept themselves as well as others.


Students will:
Improve their reading skills through Sustained Silent Reading.

Learn to work cooperatively in oral and group discussions.

Learn how to handle bullying in real life situations.

Develop basic vocabulary through word meaning.

Be able to successfully use graphic organizers.

Gain a better knowledge of research using the computer.


Students who with academic challenges will be assigned peer tutors as needed, modified assignments as...

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