Theme Statment on T.K.A.M.B

Theme Statment on T.K.A.M.B

Kishan Darshan
November 9 2009

Theme Statement

In life, judge what’s on the inside, not the outside. Just because someone looks different then what you used to seeing does not mean he or she is weird in anyway.

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Jem said Atticus couldn’t do anything because he was too old but that was not true, Atticus shot down a rabid dog without his glasses, which was potentially very dangerous to everyone around it. Also he made Mayella Ewell confess about her drunken father abusing her and that she wanted Tom Robinson because her father didn’t let her have any friends. Atticus surely proved to Jem that he could do more than just read newspapers.

Boo Radley was thought to be a mad and should be locked in an asylum because he stabbed his father while using a pair of scissors but during the story you find out Boo is really a nice person,
He was judged on the outside not the inside. During the story he helps Jem by getting his pants that were stuck the fence because Jem was curious to see what Boo looked liked. Also Boo gives Jem and Scout gifts by placing them in a tree knothole, Boo was trying to show friendship and companionship. Boo Radley also saves Jem and Scout from Bob Ewell, Bob Ewell was trying to get back at Atticus through his children because of what happened after the trial.

With everything I have written, its better to judge what’s on the inside then the outside because the inside might look way better then the outside.

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