Theodoer Roosevlt

Theodoer Roosevlt

Theodore Roosevelt’s Career

In his careers he’s had many different positions. He has been a police commissioner, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Governor of New York City, Vice President and President. While serving as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Roosevelt wanted for war against Spain because of their country's treatment of Cuba, and when the Spanish American War broke out in 1898 he resigned to organize the First U.S. Volunteer Calvary Regiment. Roosevelt and his Rough Riders distinguished themselves at the battle of San Juan Hill and Roosevelt used the resulting publicity to jumpstart his race for the New York governorship in 1898.

He became a police commissioner in New York City. Unlike him self many officers were not honest, they would sleep on their jobs and make deals with criminals. He would always arrest the dishonest cops and grew sympathy for the poor. At first he thought that the problems the poor had was there owns until he worked in the poor areas and changed his mind. He realized that they could improve their lives if they were paid fairly for their work. He was very mad that bosses got rich off the labor of the poor.

After being a successful hero in the Spanish-American War he returned home .In 1898 Roosevelt became Governor of New York City. He was loved by his people and they really appreciated having him as a leader. But the Republican leaders weren’t to sure that they could trust him as governor. The party leaders tried to control him but he had to much power and he did what he wanted to. The leaders decided that he should run for McKinley’s vice president candidate in the next election. The McKinley/Roosevelt team won the election and took the office in 1901.

He was only vice president for a very short time.On September 6, 1901 President McKinley was shot and died eight later. As president he tried to change the country and make everything right, the first thing did was went after the...