Theoretical Perspective

Theoretical Perspective

Theoretical Perspectives

Sociology-Section 2

Instructor: Suzanne Strolowitz

March 3, 2013

There are several theoretical perspectives but the two that I chose are Symbolic interactionism and Feminist Theory. There are different comparisons of the two. Symbolic interactionism is more of a micro perspective. It focuses on the meanings people attach to symbols and how people's subjective interpretations of these symbols influence their actions. Conversation between people is seen as an interaction of symbols. So, if a sociologist were to study why people who grow up in a ghetto may have a harder time getting a job as a salesperson in a middle class neighborhood, a conflict perspective would lead the sociologist to focus on socioeconomic and racial conflict in our society as factors. On the other hand, interactionism perspective would look at factors such as how the job applicants presented themselves, their body language and other symbolic details that can be interpreted differently by the applicant and the employer. Feminist theory is one of the major contemporary sociological theories, which analyzes the status of women and men in society with the purpose of using that knowledge to better women's lives. Feminist theory is most concerned with giving a voice to women and highlighting the various ways women have contributed to society.
The perspective that is most appealing to me is the Feminist Theory. The reason I choose this one is just like it says it analyzes the status of women in the society to get to know women’s life better. It is more concerned that giving a voice to women and their highlighting has various ways that women will contribute in the society in today’s world.

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