Therapy and Magic Mushrooms

Therapy and Magic Mushrooms

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Therapy & Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybin, a drug mainly viewed by the public as absurd or abnormal. Found in

over 180 species of mushrooms, psilocybin is a psychoactive drug that alters perception,

and brain function during use. Yet is there the possibility that this intense mind altering

drug is therapeutic? Or possibly, that it may cure severe depression or mental disorders?

These questions are the key questions the debate on “Magic Mushrooms” and the

therapeutic use of them. From psilocybin induced cave paintings, to the recreational and

therapeutic use of natures “sacred mush.” It’s time to acknowledge the benefits and safety

concerning the use of such a powerful concoction.

We all are familiar with “Magic Mushrooms” in some way. Whether it’s from a

book, news article, family and peers, or from personal experience. Though notably

famous in the early 50’s and 60’s, just like its psychedelic cousin LSD. But the use of

“Magic Mushrooms” actually dates back far earlier in human history than we may realize.

So far back in fact, there have been reported and studied cave drawings representing

hallucinogenic mushrooms dating back seven to nine-thousand years ago. These drawings

were found in The Sahara Desert, depicting the polychromic scenes of harvest, adoration

and the offering of mushrooms to large masked gods covered with mushrooms. With

humanity’s use of mushrooms dating back to Paleolithic times, there’s no doubt that they

influenced the course of human evolution.

But are they therapeutic? Nowadays “magic mushrooms” are used mainly as a fun

experience friends and some use it even as a spiritual connection. But researchers at

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore believe there may be a more beneficial

use of the psychedelic. They developed a new study- relating to the original 1960’s study

of benefits of hallucinogenic drugs- regarding the use of psilocybin...

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