There Are Now More Than 6 Versions of the Bible

There Are Now More Than 6 Versions of the Bible

There are now more than 60 versions of the Bible (Different versions not translations. The different versions of the Bible are not merely different translations, but are actually versions i.e. they add and remove things from other versions).

These revisions serve as concrete proofs that all the Biblical books are not at all divinely inspired. This is because it is beyond man's ability to correct the work of his Creator, who alone is Almighty and perfect.

The Bible is a collection of writings by many different authors. The Qur'an is a dictation. The speaker in the Qur'an - in the first person - is God talking directly to man. In the Bible you have many men writing about God and you have in some places the word of God speaking to men and still in other places you have some men simply writing about history.

The previous scriptures were meant for a limited period (and a specific people) that ended with the revelation of what abrogated them and exposed what had taken place in them of distortion and change. That is why they were not protected from corruption.

Muslims believe in all Messengers of God without any discrimination among them, as every known nation has a Warner or messenger from God. They were chosen by God to teach humanity and deliver His Divine message. The Qur'an mentions the name of some of them including Jews including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Job, Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon, Elias, Jonah, John the Baptist, and Jesus (peace be upon them).

There is a violent debate amongst Christians regarding which Bible to use and which christianity... catholic...protestant...morman...arthosex..more than 70 they do not agree about who is GOD.

Muslims believe in the books of the previous prophets including the Torah which was sent to Moses, the Zaboor (Psalms) which were given to David, the Injeel (Gospel) which was given to Jesus, and the Qur'an which was given to...

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