There Is No Such Thing as the "N-Word"

There Is No Such Thing as the "N-Word"

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“ ‘The word nigger to a colored person,’ Langston Hughes once observed, ‘ is like a red rag to a bull’ “ (Asim, 9).

History should tell people who they are, where they came from, and what their potential is as people. The name that people call themselves must provide them with an understanding of their history by connecting them to a land mass, a language, a culture, a religion, and a way of life. There is no such place as Niggerland , or NiggaLand and there is no ethnic group in Africa that calls itself Nigger or Nigga or its language Nigger, or Nigga. Although some people feel that the word Nigga is a term of endearment, the word derives from Nigger, a word that was originally meant to demean and disrespect African-Americans and shouldn’t be used loosely.

“Those who have defended the use of the N-word -- rap and hip-hop artists in particular -- have said that the word's different spellings indicate its different meanings. "Nigga" or "niggaz" is supposed to be the more conciliatory version and refers to a friend or buddy. The "er" spelling is more sinister and calls up slavery, segregation and racism”(Robinson, ).

No matter how you try to cover it up it still smells like body odor. The only way to get rid of the smell is to get rid of the word completely. Identification with the word’s past history is an important step towards mental liberation.

“Eeny –Meeny- Miney- Moe!
Catch a nigger by the toe!
If he hollers, let him go!
Eeny –Meeny- Miney- Moe!” (Kennedy, 6)

“The history of the word nigger is often traced to the Latin word niger, meaning Black. This word became the noun, Negro (Black person) in English…” (Middleton, Earlier variations (such as neger or negar) derive from the Spanish/Portuguese word negro, meaning "black", and probably also the French nègre, derived from negro (the ordinary French word for "black" being noir). Both negro and noir...

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