There Was No One There

There Was No One There

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Every week my husband and I take my daughter, Ellie, to the swing park at Inverleith. Normally we take it in turns to play with Ellie and this week it was Jack’s turn. I sat on the bench at the side reading my magazine and watching them with happiness.

Suddenly it went dark and cold and when I looked up there was no one was there, they had all vanished from the park. I was not sure where Ellie and Jack had gone. The seesaw started to rock but there was no one there. Then the swing started to rattle but again there was no one there. I was a bit freaked out but when I thought about it, it was probably just the wind, so I went home. The strangest thing is that when I got home Jack and Ellie was there.

It all happened the next again week when I went to the park with my child, it was a Driech day and there was a lot of wind. I was pushing Ellie on the swing then I looked away for a second or two and when I looked back she was gone and so was everyone else. The swing started to swing exceptionally high as if someone was on it but there was no one there. I turned away and looked back and there on the swing was a little girl I blinked then she was gone. I thought I was imagining it, so I went home.

I had nearly forgotten about it all because nothing happened for weeks, but late one night when I was at the swing park with Jack and Ellie and again it went all cold and dark and everyone disappeared. I stood up to look if there was anything suspicious going on or if there was anyone else there. I heard someone singing; still I looked around but there was no one there, then suddenly I felt a little kid holding on to my hand I looked down and there was the same little girl I had thought I had seen weeks before I blinked and then she was gone but I could still feel her holding on to my hand.

I decided leave the swing park, not tell anyone about this and never return again. My husband would ask why I didn’t want to go back but I would just have to make up lies.

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