Thesis of Product Red

Thesis of Product Red

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Self-Positioning Statement (15 points):
Due September 29
This assignment is designed to help you understand positioning with the subject you know best you!
Remember, you are a brand. It’s critical to know your strengths and how to leverage them. Just as important
as your strengths, have a solid handle on your weaknesses so you can recognize opportunities for
Develop a positioning statement for yourself. While the statement should be concise (no longer than 1 page,
double-spaced, 12 pt font), it should capture your unique brand essence. You may position yourself towards
employers, business acquaintances, friends, and even your future wife/husband, or in-laws! Choose a useful
target and have fun with this assignment. Your document should include: 1) your target audience 2)
competitive frame of reference 3) PODs and 4) your positioning statement. Think strategically and creatively for
this assignment!

1ST INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT For your first individual assignment, you are asked to identify a brand that “speaks to you,” as well as one that does not. Select at least one brand that you feel effectively talks to you as a consumer, and describe why this is the case; e.g., what is the company doing in its marketing efforts to effectively “speak to you”? Also, select at least one brand that you feel is trying to talk to you as a consumer, but is failing. Again, describe what they are doing in their marketing efforts that is not working. Your written response should be 1-2 typed pages in length.

2ND INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT For your second individual assignment, please select your favorite television or print ad, and bring in a copy to show to the class (copies of print ads can often be found on-line, and TV ads often find their way to YouTube). In class, you will discuss the reasons you like the ad, why you think it works, who it is targeted to, etc. You will also turn in a 1-page written summary of the ad and why you believe it...

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