Thesis Writing

Thesis Writing

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《東華漢學》 創刊號 2003 年 2 月 頁 207- 228 國立東華大學中國語文學系

George Eliot’s Middlemarch: Victorian and Modern Critical Receptions
Jintang Peng ∗

Cultural study today has far surpassed Leavis, who endorsed George Eliot’s Middlemarch in a concept that Eliot might not have agreed with. Our critical interests in language, interpretation, and identity politics are much more in line with Eliot’s concern about democracy, knowledge of reality and its representation. Today’s socio-political studies of Middlemarch enhance our understanding of the book’s historical construct by scrutinizing the Era of Reform in side and outside the text. Feminist criticisms, who generally go beyond earlier disappointment with Eliot, now reaffirm her progressive position. There are brilliant analyses arguing how Eliot follows, yet eventually transcends the dialectic between liberal

彭錦堂( Jintang Peng)

‧Jintang Peng:George Eliot’s Middlemarch:Victorian and Modern Critical Receptions‧

and evangelical feminisms in her days. Yet a prevailing skepticism regarding narrative’s referential possibility has also undermined sympathetic sensibility in many latter day critiques. Reading criticisms on the great works of the nineteenth-century realism these days, one no longer feels the reality the books invite us to experience. Before we make any new critical In comparison engagements, we must first get that feeling back.

with post-structuralists, the earlier critics may seem naïve, but their sympathetic readings retain precisely that sense of reality that we are incapable of grasping. along. This article traces back through Middlemarch the critical heritage of to see how far we have come It compares Victorian reviews with modern criticism before the 1980’s, when radical skepticism gradually gained currency.

Key Words
George Eliot;Middlemarch;Critical Reception;Victorian; Modern .

東海大學 中 文系助理 教 授 208

‧ 《東華漢學》創刊號,2003 年 2 月‧

George Eliot’s Middlemarch: Victorian and Modern...

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