1.1 Statement of the Problem
Endless or infinite running games are platform games in which the player character is continuously moving forward through a procedurally generated, theoretically endless game world. Game controls are limited to making the character jump, or perform special actions. The object of these games is to get as far as possible before the character dies. Endless running games have found particular success on mobile platforms. They are well-suited to the small set of controls these games require, often limited to a single screen tap for jumping.
The game Temple Run (2011) and its successor Temple Run 2 have become especially popular endless running games. The latter became the world's fastest-spreading mobile game in January 2013, with 50 million installations within thirteen days. The game has led to many other similar games, including Subway Surfers, Sonic Dash, Rayman Jungle Run, Stampede Run, Minion Rush, Manila Rush and Snowden Run 3D.
There are also some games that are promoting environmental awareness like Dolphy Cleanup and Earth Crisis. Both of them are not endless runner games. Dolphy Cleanup is developed by Serino Games; a game company that is established in the Philippines.
The problem with these endless runner games they couldn’t show any Filipino traits, environment awareness. Meanwhile the other games that are mentioned above are tend to have an ending that the players might be finished the game fast and didn’t catch and lesson from it. So the researchers made the game entitled “Trashour” that will give the same mechanics like any other endless runner game but with a twist of Filipino taste and promotes environmental awareness.

1.1.2 General Problem

The General Problem is how to design and develop a Filipino themed endless running game that will promote environmental awareness.

1.1.3 Specific Problem

Specifically, the project aims to answer the following problem:...

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