Thetranscendentfunction, Demystified: Atheoreticalandclinicalintegration

Thetranscendentfunction, Demystified: Atheoreticalandclinicalintegration

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A dissertation submitted by KENNETH REID to PACIFICA GRADUATE INSTITUTE in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY in CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2010

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iii ABSTRACT The Transcendent Function, Demystified: A Theoretical and Clinical Integration by Kenneth Reid This theoretical study employs a hermeneutic method to research the relevance of Jung's concept of transcendent function to contemporary clinical theory and practice. The transcendent function is a central clinical and theoretical construct in Jungian literature, but it is unknown outside Jungian circles. This study, positioned within the integrative movement in clinical psychology, seeks to translate the function into a common language of therapeutic transformation that is evidence-based, phenomenologically near and clinically pragmatic, yet also holistic and non-reductive. The study distinguishes two dimensions of transcendent function that have been inadequately differentiated in...