Thier Eyes Were Watching God

Thier Eyes Were Watching God

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Terry Yoo
Song Analysis
In the beginning of the book, as Janie is introduced walking though town there was

nothing but rumors and gossip that were going on. As Janie walks down with a “faded shirt and

muddy overalls “ (Hurston 2). This raise many eyes through out the town as people started to

assume the worst and the negative parts of Janie’s life that they didn’t know. An example was on

the porch where the women gazed at Janie like a flock of vultures looking at its prey as they

mentioned “She’s way past forty..... she’s way too old for a boy like Tea Cake...... She could

stop and say few words with us. She act like we done done something to her” (Hurston 3). As

people talked about things of Janie’s life behind her, Janie knew the rumors that were going on.

Later when Pheoby came to talk to her, Janie knew that they were “ Wastes up too much time

puttin they mouf on things they don’t know nothin’ about” (Hurston 6). The song “High Road”

by Fort Minor mentions the same type of situation as Janie goes through in the town. As “These

people are runnin’ off at the mouth/Tryin’ to convince me that I’m runnin’ on empty” (Line 1-2 )

connects with Janie as they share the same perceptive on the people that are talking about them

without knowing nothing about the past. As “Rumors and labels and categorization” (Line 13)

are placed onto Janie because of the situation with Tea cake and the mystery behind them

seemed to fuel the town as they “Hurry theyself to judgment to find out about you” (Hurston 6).

The last part before Janie tells Pheoby about the past, Janie doesn’t care what they say she

knows the truth and this connects as Fort minor sings “ You can say, what you have to say/ Cuz’

my mind’s made up anyway” (Line 17-18). Because the truth is with Janie, the negative

comments and words doesn’t effect on the outcome that had happen and they were all basing

thier comments on...

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