Things About American Dream

Things About American Dream

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Hai Dinh D..
American Studies

“The American Dream is alive in our society to day, why or why not? “

We talked about “ American Dream” for a week. We learned a lot of things about

American Dream, learned about how the famous people success, described the American

Dream. How people think about it, understand it, and how they do it. Some people don’t

believe The American Dream still alive in our society today, some people do. Now we

need to talk about it.

The American Dream is everybody respected each other, no one be judged by

their color. We all have the opportunities to do, just work together, believe ourselves

can do it and we can make the dream come true.

I believe The American Dream still alive in our society because a lot of people

have a hard life, no school, no medical care… But they believe one day they would

advance their goals. They working hard, struggling until they achieve it. Like Bill Gates,

he did his things by his own hands, he had not much money when he was young but now

he is billionaire, Microsoft owner, because he knows he can do it and he believe in


The American Dream still alive, Martin Luther King Jr. said “ One day people

will not be judged because of their color. One day we will work, pray, live together and

be free”. And today everybody is equal, we need to say appreciate to Nelson Mandela,

former President of South Africa and all people in the world who tried and trying to

finished the Apartheid. We all would be able to live in perfect life.

So the American Dream is alive in our society today. We all believe and could be

success. No one can stop our dream, our life. Our life alive because of us, we can make

our life perfect with freedom and happiness. The American Dream is alive when people

think it is alive and make it come true.

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