Things to Ponder

Things to Ponder

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Often when we read our Bibles its seems that God tells his chosen people to do some very unusual things. Things that we would never expect God to ask of his people. Things that may seem bizarre to us. Here are a few to which you can ponder on.

He asked Naaman to dip seven times in Jordan River in order to be cleaned from his leprosy. I don’t know if you understand what the Jordan River was like. It was dirty and smell and disgusting. And Naaman was captain a man of high status. But never the less God told him to go to the Jordan River. So he did and he was cleaned. Bizarre isn’t it?

He told Abraham to kill his son his beloved son Isaac to whom God himself gave to him. For Isaac was a miracle child sent from God yet he told Abraham to sacrifice him. Bizarre isn’t it?

He told Noah to build and ark and bring in the animals and preach to the people so that they would be saved from the flood. Flood there was not such a thing as a flood nor was there any rain. So build and ark for a flood when rain has never fallen. Bizarre isn’t it?

But of all these peculiar deeds the Lord asked of his people to do there is a story of one particular man of God that stands out in my mind. This is the story of Hosea the prophet.

For all those who may not know the story of Hosea that well let me try to give you an understanding of what devastatingly shocking instructions God gave to Hosea. This can be found in the book of Hosea but we will start with Hosea 1 verse 2 we will read this together.

Picture in your mind God telling Hosea a Prophet of the most High that he thinks it time he got married. Ah I can see Hosea in all smile elated, saying yes Lord, I think so also. There are a few in my church that I am interested in. What about Lisa that nice clear skin lady with her lovely long black hair, she also well mannered and well dressed, who loves to read her Bible, I think she would bring out the best in me.

Or what about Camille, that girl who sits in my lesson...

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