Thinking Critically Simulation

Thinking Critically Simulation

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Thinking and Decision Making Paper

Vicky Schram

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October 6, 2008



Creating is taking the old and mixing it, moving it, breaking it, or building it into newness. We do not create out of nothing (Kirby and Goodpaster 2007). By taking pieces of AIDS victim’s clothing and making them into a quilt for memorabilia exhibits creativity. By the displaying the quit in a museum family, friends, and love ones have a place to view it. This is a place of solitude, comfort, and a time of sharing pain and sorrow with others. Taking lids of yogurt to support breast cancer is another form of creativity. The old lids are used as fundraisers to support and improve treatments for breast cancer patients.
In all of the creative examples, change takes place and newness results. The mind sees a new relationship or comparison between or among the objects or their parts. This relationship is, broadly speaking, a metaphorical relationship. In short, creating is making metaphors (Kirby and Goodpaster 2007). Metaphorically, the AIDS quilt represents death and life. Their bodies are dead yet the articles of clothing represent life. By bringing the fabrics together the lives that were lost from the deadly disease are celebrated in a new light. Likewise the yogurt lids represent money and power. The money from the yogurt lids gives breast cancer patients a new lease on life, the power to live. The money equals power.
Creativity is seeing your thought on a larger scale. Brainstorming and Star bursting are two methods use to boost creativity. Brainstorming allows the mind to flow with unlimited thought and ideas. Star bursting is asking a series of detailed questions to validate and solidify ideas. As in the scientific method, our ideas need to be validated.
Logical thinking is the heart of critical...

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