Thinking Out of Box

Thinking Out of Box

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The Importance Of Thinking Out Of Box

Nowadays, globalization is the key issue involving increased international trade, increased creation of technology among countries and growth of international investment and international migration. In other words, globalization is the increasing world wide integration of markets for goods, services labor and capital.

Thus in globalization era, competitive advantages are essential in order to be sustainable. In order to be globally competitive, it is important to think out of box and develop critical thinking. National Education Blueprint 2006 was launched this year to produce students who are not only literate but also who can think creatively and critically. These are the students who can think out of the box.

According to Sigel ( 1984 ) thinking involved conceptual refection and problem solving activities. According Som Hj. Nor And Dahalan M. Ramli ( 1998 ) process using your mind to understand something. Exploring ideas or invention and make consideration wisely to make decision and solving problem.

Thinking out of box or creative thinking can be defined as the ability to see and make things in a new or different way. The aim of creative thinking is to stimulate curiosity and promote variance. Thinking out of box requires different characteristics such as;-
a. Willingness to explore new approaches in performing day-to-day work.
b. Openness to execute different things in different ways.
c. Listening to others
d. Focusing on to importance of finding new ideas and move towards the ideas.

Creative thinking can also be defined as the process which we use when we come up with a new idea. Creativity is where you develop a new way of looking at something. Creativity can be used to give better service and by increasing your creativity, it will help you, your organization or your customer (students) become happier through improvement in your quality and quality of...

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