This Is England - How Racism Develops

This Is England - How Racism Develops


Racism develops in a society where there exists social & economic inequalities. Discuss in relation to ‘This is England’

This is England a British film set in the summer holidays of 1983. This tells the story about a young 12 year old boy named Shaun who is living a troubled life with the death of his Father in north of England. Shaun is a rebel boy who gets bagged about how he looks and dresses. Through his antagonism he meets new people and joins their skinhead world, where he realises and understands the true beliefs of racism, anger and hate towards society. Through the diverse characters we can see how communal & financial inequalities may be the motivation to the development of racist beliefs.

Combo and Shaun both are living with nothing compared to the ‘pakis’ conferring to Combo and his prejudiced beliefs. He feels that the ‘pakis’ live a rich and content life where everything goes there way, and where civilization hates him and he has nothing, no career, no money, no support, nothing.
Combo wants to battle humanity over what he trusts is right, he persuades the youth, he calls his ‘troops’, to believe what he believes, so he doesn’t sense aloneness because he wants to have something in the world.
We aspect Combo and Shaun’s state we can see in some way those who have nothing can be attracted to racism.
Combo and Shaun are two identical characters on the inside, but they can be both very different on the outside.

Woody and Lol have confidence that everybody has privileges since there existence is easy going and isn’t a struggle like Shaun and Combo where they feel so firm finished by and that the world disgusts them.
They informally and economically have somewhat to live for e.g a job, money, family and friends. This is a reason why they don’t trust and comprise themselves in racism.
They all support each other and Woody attempts to convince the individuals that believe Combo that they ought to go...

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