This Is My Life

This Is My Life

Up to now, I’ve never thought too much about the word “Birthday”. To someone, it might be worth to concern, to remind of something or to celebrate of him or her because it’s important to them. Of course, it doesn’t mean I don’t have that such happy memories, instead I have more than those. Everyday, I thank to God for giving me the most valuable prize, my life!
So that, needless to say about me in my birthday anymore. In stead of doing so, I wanna post this entry as thanks to everything around me. Those are

My parents, you are always the best of the best. I can remember exactly those sweet memories you’ve given me in my life. In your mind, there is nothing different b/w a naughty boy in the past and a 21yrs old man as I today. You always give me the best things. Those are your love, your time… an entry can’t list all of them. I just wanna say I love you too. Hoping God will reward you with my best wishes.

My younger brother, Tuong Nicolas and Bi Mexico, you are always stand by me every time I need. Although you were stubborn sometime, and I scolded at you but all I want is just that I want you to pay more concern in study. Don’t be lazy guys. I’m sorry and I hope that we will remain this union.

My teachers, Mrs. Hong 3rd grade, Mr. Dang 4th grade, Mr. Dung 5th grade from Nguyen Ba Ngoc elementary school. Mrs. Hong 6th (Mr. Hoang sister), Mr. Doan 7th, Mrs. Huynh 8th, Mr. Hieu and Mr. Tan 9th grade from Dong Du Middle School. Mr. Nam “cam” from sophomore to senior of Thong Nhat B High School… all another teachers who had given me a lot of knowledge. Especially thanks to Mr. Hoang, my private teacher, Mr. Macias, Mr. Carlos Brione. You’re always my best friend.

A2 Family, my class, and my classmate, you’re really a family like your name. I’m very proud of you. You’re always in my heart. I can’t count all of our memory we have together. The time we share, the song we sing, the game we play. First of all, that is our unity.
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