This Is Not What You Want

This Is Not What You Want

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Select one from these five general topic suggestions:
Chemistry of cosmetics
Useful chemistry concepts for divers
Chemistry of common household items
Food and Cooking Chemistry
The Carbon Cycle

Criteria for Grading:
I. Content:
1 • Paper has insightful thesis statement
2 • All main points logically presented in Intro, Body and Conclusion
3 • Strong connection to chemistry lecture material emphasized
4 • Keywords properly used
5 • The writing is clear, coherent and reflects thoughtful analysis
6 • Appropriate depth of content
7 Appropriate length (at least two pages single space-may extend to 3 pages max)

• Subtotal: (7 points)
II. Mechanics:
1 • Include list of at least five references (that are not dictionaries/encyclopedia)
2 • Citations are given and follow acceptable format
3 • Spelling, punctuation and grammar errors have been eliminated

Tips (do's and don'ts) on how to organize and write the paper

1 After gathering the information for your paper, develop a thesis statement. This statement should
summarize the purpose of your paper and the position you will be arguing or discussing. Make it
known if are you trying to inform, evaluate, compare or demonstrate.

2 Introduction (the first paragraph). Include in the first paragraph the following: the thesis statement,
the description of how you will set up the paper and point out the conclusion that you will draw.

3 The next part would be the background information, such as the history of the problem or the idea.
This is most likely where you will also discuss the pertinent basic chemical concept/s that you have
learned in class.

4 Develop the paper using your own interpretation of the information gathered. Do not let a reference
author take over your paper. Your paper should represent your own thoughts and analysis of the facts,
ideas and information you have gathered.

5 Stay focused on...

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