This Is a Problem

This Is a Problem

You estimate the victim had a .11% blood alcohol level at the time of the attack correct?

At a .11% blood alcohol level, natural instincts would be slower, correct?

Lack of defensive wounds could be accounted due to slower instincts correct?

The attacker was right-handed correct?

75 to 95% of the population is right handed correct?

Regan being right handed does not guarantee he is the attacker correct?

American Pima cotton fibers were found on the victims jacket correct?

The defendant was wearing a jacket containing those fibers correct?

It is possible that the fibers could have been transferred in a previous encounter correct?

Would you agree that it’s easy to buy the same jacket that Regan had on?

Knowing that, It is also possible that the fibers could have been transferred from somebody else wearing that jacket correct?

Your honor, I ask that this document, be marked as Exhibit B for identification

May I approach

Show to opposing counsel

Dr. Schwartz, do you recognize this document, marked as Exhibit B for identification?

Please examine and tell us what it is

Is this picture an accurate and complete picture of the stab wound location and dimensions?

Your honor, I offer this document previously marked as Exhibit B for identification into evidence

According to the picture, you would agree the wound was 4 inches deep correct?

The Borland 550 is 4 inches correct?

Multiple other knives are 4 inches correct?

You only tested one knife (being the Borland 550) correct?

So its fair to say youre not aware what a stab wound with a different knife would look like correct?

The Borland 550 you tested was brand new correct?

The results were identical correct?

It is possible a new knife produces different results than one that has been used multiple times correct?
The defendant sprayed his knife with quick-dry spray correct?

If the knife has been sprayed with quick-dry spray, traces would be left...

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