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One of the largest problems in society today is teenage drug abuse. After a
dramatic drop in the use of illicit drugs among teens throughout the 80’s, once again teen drug

use is on the rise at a dangerous rate and shows no signs of slowing down. In 1979 more than

16 percent of children between the ages of 12-17, used drugs according to the Drug Enforcement

Administration. Under the banner of the “Just Say No” slogan, Presidents Reagan and Bush

helped drive this number down to a low of 5.3 percent in 1992, but it has crept back up to 10

percent today ( Drug Use Back Up for Youth, 1). From 1991 to 1994 eighth graders who said

they had used marijuana in the previous year doubled to 13 percent. In the same time region,

marijuana use increased 66 percent among 10th graders as well as a 44 percent increase among

12th graders. Marijuana has by far, been the most popular drug used by teens as well as all

Americans in the past decade. However, there is a new generation of drugs that is just beginning

to effect the nations youth. Ecstasy, or MDMA, belongs to a family of drugs called

“entactogens,” which literally means touching within. It creates a sense of euphoria for the user

and enhances feelings of empathy, em

. . .

II: Formulation

The problem of teenage drug abuse is becoming a more important issue every day. If this generation of teens continue

growing up in an environment where drugs are everywhere and they are not receiving the proper

drug education they will accept drug use as a proper way of life which will result in horrible

consequences. Its is imperative that this issue be

addressed as soon as possible before younger children are effected. By mixing

several of these drugs together sensations may be enhanced, but one is putting themselves at risk

for heatstroke, heat failure, severe brain and liver damage, or death. In 20 years, doctors may announce

that those who have used ecstasy in the...

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