Part 1
1. *Cardiovascular Fitness
*Muscular Endurance
*Amount of Body Fat
*Reaction Time

A particular sport for my choice is Soccer. Both Cardiovascular Fitness and Agility helps the benefits of this are the main fitness require for the better benefits of Soccer. The reasons why Cardiovascular Endurance is need for Soccer are few basics reasons. You need Cardiovascular Endurance to keep us running, depending on your position you are on, you will still end up running a lot. Gradually professional soccer players run up to 5.8km per game; this may require fitness, hustle and cardiovascular health to keep them going, because these are the important things they need to have. Agility helps us go up and down the field. If your aiming for the attacker or anyone else, challenging is easy, but keeping up with them and staying with them and making harder for them, that you need agility for.

2. I have been looking for a talented basketball junior in order to join the Australian basketball team. I may need a player with a high level of muscular endurance, good speed, accurate co-ordination, good power, high level of reaction time and a good level of agility. These are requiring for the following new player. Muscular endurance is how long the muscles can perform repeatedly or use in maximum level to keep an extended period of time. In a basketball game you may need muscular endurance to keep your leg on-going from going up and down the court.

You need speed to make hard drives to pass up the defense which is sometime really difficult to do. Co-ordination is requiring letting you dribble with both hands, whilst running and looking around the court for a pass. You need co-ordination because these are so many things that you may need to do in a basketball court.

3. I am sure that most kids these days rather play computer games (or console) then sport. They rather sit around do...