Thomas Hardy

Thomas Hardy

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Thomas Hardy essay

The three Thomas Hardy short stories I have chosen are Tony Kytes, History of the Hardcomes and The Melancholy Hussar Of The German Legion, and all three of these stories have one thing in common that they are set in the nineteenth century and there is many examples. Such as in History of The Hardcomes the cousins and their partners take a holiday excursion to Budmouth, this holiday is only for one day as there was very little leisure time back then. Also another example is in Tony Kytes the mention of him riding the horse and carriage signalling that there must have been no cars around in that era of time.
However they have there differences in the way of there social context for example:
In Tony Kytes the atmosphere and environment of the story seem almost relaxed (Tony Kytes almost doing what ever he wants) .
As of that compared to Melancholy Hussar in which there atmosphere is of power control and fear, Phyllis being controlled by her powerful father Dr Grove and the fear the two men Christof and Mahaus have of the German Legion.
History of The Hardcomes is again a more relaxed and pleasurable atmosphere with the two cousins Steve and James not thinking twice about swapping partners as suddenly as they did, which in the nineteenth century would have been a very unheard of thing because marriage and relationships were taken very seriously.
There is signs of industrialisation as in History of the Hardcomes they take the train to Budmouth signalling that there was a train system. In the times of these stories there was not if any opportunity to travel unless you was in the army like Christof and Mahaus who originally are from Germany where based in England with the German Legion, also Phyllis’s original love Tom had been away with the British army for a long time.

Tony Kytes is a story about a young handsome, charming but fickle man, an arch deceiver.
He’s well known among the women of his town and they are attracted to him, but...

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