Thr Relationship Between the Personal and the Po L

Thr Relationship Between the Personal and the Po L

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1984 is dystopian novel written by George Orwell. It was written in 1948, that's why it's called 1984. Orwell has drawn a very pessimistic vision of the future; he means to warn the reader against the consequences of submitting to the oppression of the political regime. The world shown in 1984 is a projection of Orwell's imagination. It's invented through the power of language to act as a warning and to teach apolitical lesson.

Orwell is discussing the begging of totalitarianism. What happen when a small group of people rule a majority of people without their concern and looking only for their own welfare? The inner party wants to increase its power at the expense of the laymen. At this time when the individual loses his freedom. What Orwell does in 1984 is that to take current trends and project them imaginary into the future as a warning against the danger of totalitarianism.

1984 is an unhappy love story as well as a political novel. George Orwell believes that there is a relation between the private and the public. The world of 1984 is oppressive; love is not allowed. The environment will not make the natural development of anything possible, specially love. In a totalitarian regime, a system that's very oppressive, freedom is restricted to the extent that choice itself is negated. The relationship between the private (love/family) and the public is a direct reflection of the political situation. The personal life of the individual is affected by the political situation in Oceania.

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