Three Basic Parts of a Paragraph

Three Basic Parts of a Paragraph

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Three Basic Parts of a Paragraph


Main Idea

Supporting Details

Main Ideas #1
1School bullies have been around as long as there have been schools. 2Studies reveal several reasons why some children become bullies. 3Research shows that a certain combination of size and personality may be one factor. 4Bigger, more aggressive children are more likely to try to dominate their smaller, quieter peers. 5Another factor linked to bullying is overexposure to violent TV programs. 6By the time the average American child is ten years old, he or she has watched thousands of acts of violence, including assault and murder. 7Such exposure can lead to aggression and violence. 8Finally, exposure to real violence is a factor in bullying. 9Studies indicate that victims of bullies often turn into bullies themselves. 10Whether abused by family members or tormented by other kids, bullies typically learn their behavior from others. 11Look closely into the eyes of a bully, and you may be looking into the eyes of a former victim.

Main Ideas #2
Is watching violence on television harmful? In fact, we now know that TV violence does affect people in negative ways. One study showed that frequent TV watchers are more fearful and suspicious of others. They try to protect themselves from the outside world with extra locks on the doors, alarm systems, guard dogs, and guns. That same study also showed that heavy TV watchers are less upset about real-life violence than non-TV watchers. It seems that the constant violence they see on TV makes them less sensitive to the real thing. Another study, of a group of children, found that TV violence increases aggressive behavior. Children who watched violent shows were more willing to hurt another child in games where they were given a choice between helping or hurting. They were also more likely to select toy weapons over other kinds of playthings.

Main Ideas #3
1To erase or not to erase? 2That is the question in...

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