Three Efficient Ways to Maintain Water Well Drilling Rig

Three Efficient Ways to Maintain Water Well Drilling Rig

Usually, after used a period of time, water well drilling rig is prone to have failures portable concrete batch plant, so it is very important to conduct necessary maintenance work, which not only can reduce the machine failure, and prolong the service life of water well drilling rig, but also can reduce the maintenance cost of the enterprise.

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First of all, the maintenance of filter: filter has the effect of filtering impurities in oil or gas path and preventing the intrusion system caused by internal fault; All kinds of filters need to be replaced regularly according to the requirements of operation and maintenance manuals. Second, fuel management: fuel should choose different grades diesel according to the different environmental temperatures; Diesel cannot be mixed with impurities SICOMA Twin Shaft Compulsory Mixers, dirt and water, or it will make the fuel pump premature wear. Finally, the management of lubricating grease: using the lubricating oil can reduce the wear on the surface of the movement and prevent noise. For the storage and custody of lubricating grease concrete block making machine, it can be not mixed with dust, sand, water and other impurities.

Implementing a regular maintenance to water well drilling rig can reduce its down time, improve the work efficiency and reduce the operation cost. As long as manage fuel oil, lubricating oil, water and air well, we can reduce more than half of the failures.

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