Three Inspections of Water Well Drilling Rig Operation

Three Inspections of Water Well Drilling Rig Operation

As large ore digging machinery and equipment, generally before water well drilling rig begins to work, it takes a lot of time to conduct inspection maintenance of equipment, in order to prevent the happening of the accident and failure. Commonly, in the process of working, how do operators prepare the processes before the work?

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First is that the maintenance personnel should carefully check whether the gas conduit road connection is firm and if there is any air leakage phenomenon, in order to prevent the drilling out phenomenon appears in the process of drilling and avoid damaging the bit; The second point is to examine whether the oiler has been filled with oil, this is basic common sense examination, and power system must be checked at the same time; The third point is to examine whether screw, nut and joint of each part are tight concrete mixer, and whether pillar strongly indeed stops; Check all the three processes mobile block making machine, operators can begin to start the water well drilling rig to work.

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