Three Methods Available to Prolong Service Life of Spare Parts of Crusher

Three Methods Available to Prolong Service Life of Spare Parts of Crusher

Do you have a knowledge of methods available to prolong service life of spare parts of crusher? Here I will introduce them to all of you.

Firstly, monitor the source of raw materials: In mine quarrying, blasting operation is the first procedure and the products of the blasting procedure will become the raw materials of crusher, so that the quality of such raw materials will directly influence the service life and efficiency of crusher. In the meantime, large stone materials need to be processed to satisfy the production need. If super large stone materials go into the crusher, they will get stuck in the crushing chamber, and then the crusher will have to be stopped, for this reason, large stone materials will restrain the efficiency and service life of crusher. Consequently, we can start from the first procedure, optimize the parameters of blasting procedure and reduce the granularity of stone materials after being blasted.

Secondly, Installation and debugging of spare parts of crusher: In the running process of a crusher, the running inertia is big, so that unbalanced hammer weight will cause bad dynamic balancing effect of rotor, thus causing damage to the rotator and bearings, which is adverse to the equipment and production process. To better ensure normal operation of crusher, we should ensure the dynamic balance of rotors and install the crusher according to the layout of the drawing.

Thirdly, Strengthen the routing inspection and maintenance of crusher: Lubricating grease is an important influencing factor of equipment. Every lubricating point should be injected with oil according to the actual need of the equipment, and the equipment can never be run without lubricating grease. In addition, quantitatively add oil to the equipment.

Carry out proper technical reform and innovation on the wearing spare parts and technology of the crusher can shorten the processing cycle, reduce producing cost and extend the service life of spare parts of crusher...

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