Through the Stroy Tellers Eyes

Through the Stroy Tellers Eyes

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Through the Story Teller’s Eyes.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines perception a result of perceiving or a mental

image. How people perceive others is an automatic response to how that person looks,

how that person speaks, and how that person acts. Throughout the short story “Ingrid

Catching Snowflakes on Her Tongue” by Lisa Moore, the narrator’s perceptions of Ingrid

and herself are all affected by the narrator’s role as observer, her ambivalence, figurative

language and imagery.

The narrator’s role as observer enables her to perceive Ingrid in a more in-depth

way than others. The narrator’s observations help her view Ingrid as a better person or

more positive person than herself. On several occasions through out the story the

narrator refers to occasions where Ingrid has proven to be “better” than her. In the

beginning of the story the narrator realizes that she has known Ingrid since the summer of

grade five, when she saw Ingrid waterskiing and notice brave she was compared to

herself. The narrator’s perception of Ingrid was that she was a brave and athletic

individual. The narrator perceives herself to be the total opposite of Ingrid; she was not

very athletic and was not brave enough to try waterskiing. The narrator’s perception of

Ingrid being better than her did not stop when they were children but progressed through

the years to adulthood. The narrator’s husband and Ingrid were once in love, the narrator

feels tremendous amounts of jealousy whenever Ingrid comes around and for the narrator

it is a constant reminder of Ingrid’s love for her husband and what used to be.

“Sometimes when she’s visiting, my throat constricts with jealousy. It’s not that I think

they’re in love. I’m jealous of when they were.” From the narrator’s role of observer her

perception of Ingrid is that she is always one step ahead of her and in ways somewhat

better than the narrator herself....

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