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Memo Exercise

Exercise Directions: Review the examples, and follow the blue text hyperlinks listed below. Answer the questions as you complete this exercise. Save your file as Memo1_First Initial_ Lastname.doc. Place the finished exercise and the memo you will be asked to create in the electronic inbox at the end of class.
▪ A Memo is a business form, “See Example”, and is less formal than a business letter or personal business letter
▪ Follow the hyperlink and read the article on, “What is a Memo?” Answer the following questions based upon the “What is a Memo” website:
1. What are the three (3) basic memo plans?
_________________, ___________________, ___________________
2. Name the Segments of a Memo:
_H___________________ Segment
_O___________________ Segment
_D__________________ Segments
_C___________________ Segment
Any N________________ A_________________
3. Develop a specific and concise subject line to communicate to your fellow classmates; “the very high importance and significant impact of timely completing assigned daily class work on their overall Computer Applications grade.” Try to use 6 or fewer words to communicate the memos subject.

SUBJECT: _____________________________________________

4. The Opening Segment outlines the problem you are trying to solve. What information should be included in this segment of the memo? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

5. What is the reason for the “Purpose Statement” in the Opening Segment?” __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
6. What you are doing to help solve the problem is called the __________ statement?
7. What can you do to the format of the memo to assure that it is no longer than one page long?...