Time of Battle

Time of Battle

Patrick Cruz                                                                                                 12/03/08
Ms. Rakkou                                                                                                   E7WV

                                           In The Time of Battle

                    Thomas Cruz is a 12 years old kid.  He lives in New York with his parents and his 3 brothers.  Like every other kid from the block, Thomas wants to be a baseball player.  He doesn’t have the best relationship with his Ramona.  They always have their ups and downs.  Thomas never calls Ramona mom.  He doesn’t see her as his mom anymore.  Thomas looks up to his brother which is in the military.  Ever since his brother left, Thomas just runs around the streets with his friends getting into trouble, pretending they’re cops, soldiers and sometimes terrorist terrorizing other people.  The police always end up returning him home to his mom with a complaint.  

                     When Thomas turned 16, Ramona couldn’t take it anymore and decides to send him away to a Summer Boot Camp.  Thomas doesn’t want to go.  He doesn’t want to go away and leave his friends and everything he has.  That day comes.  Thomas has to leave.  Ramona walks him to the door in tears and tells him “goodbye Thomas, see you soon and hopefully next time I see you, you come back disciplined, knowing how to respect your mother, and thankful to have me as your mother.”  Thomas looks at her with a smirk and tells her “look Ramona, you're the last person I care about seeing again. You ruined my life. BYE!”  Ramona bursts out into tears and tells him as she gasp for air “you don’t mean that.”  Thomas walks away and gets into the bus filled with other kids.  He takes a seat next to the window and as the bus starts to depart he stares at his mother with sorrow. 

                   The ride begins and Thomas closes his eyes and imagines what boot camp might be like.  “Alright...

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