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Wright College |
Joslyn Sims |
Wright College |
2/17/2013 |

The media has tremendous ways in getting messages across, be it subliminal or broad as daylight. The most common thing I have noticed that they persuade is, Violence, money, cars, girls and drugs. Musician artist are condoning these things in the lyrics of their songs. Radios, nightclubs, and even television shows allows this type of music on air. With this being said, media messages are sending out negative persuasions into society.

In urban music today the only songs you hear about are ones that talk about guns, mollies, lean, strippers and other slang terms used to represent drugs. It's almost like these songs are promoting these type of ruthless behaviors as the right way to have a "little fun", as they would call it. It's shameful to know that even young kids listen to this type of music as well. This type of music can confuse children into thinking that this is who and how they should be when they grow up. With this being said, urban music today is distorted.

In music today the media is selling and promoting sex and drugs. Just as the quote says......"Sex Sells", the media lives up to that expectation. For example, the rapper lil Wayne has many songs with the word P***Y, D**K and other sexually words in his lyrics. He raps about young females that are strippers and has alot of videos with provocative video vixens with big butts and little skirts "Twerking", the new slang for a dance that involves shaking their behinds. Drugs sell because rappers basically promote it in the lyrics of their songs, most specifically, Lil Wayne. These rappers make it seem as though popping pills and shots of Patron is in style. Rappers such as Drake, an artist signed by lil wayne, use the term YOLO, meaning you only live once as a way to persuade the young and the innocent.

Social networking is another way the media get their messages across. Websites...

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