Tutorial 5
Preparation Task


Name two dimensions that make up a person’s mood & give an example for each from within marketing:
• Pleasure and Arousal

Name 3 types of time and give a marketing example for each:
• Personal
• Psychological
• Social

‘Atmospherics’ is defined by Solomon et al as:
• According to Solomon et al. (2010) there are different sorts of hedonic shopping motives such as utility anticipation, the optimization of choice, negotiation, the feeling of power and authority, affiliation and stimulation

How might expectations alter consumers satisfaction with a retail service encounter, give an example?
• When some consumers shop for clothing they may want to move freely through the store on their own and avoid interacting with salespeople, while other consumers may welcome a salesperson's advance and want him/her to take an active part in helping them select the right merchandise.

You’ve just bought a ‘new jacket’ and don’t like it. Provide 2 potential routes through your disposal options:
• Give it out for donation.
• Exchange or refund with other product from the store purchased.

Think of your favourite club/restaurant/cafe and provide 5 reasons why you like it so much – for each reason, explain how the management may be facilitating this ‘liking’ using situational influences
1. Environment
2. Price
3. Interior Design
4. Service.
5. In Store Products they provide

Explore the value/usefulness of shopping process models to explain consumer behaviour:

(This question is a chance for you to collect some insights that will help you to provide a more critical answer in your examination (e.g. think of useful and less useful elements, explain why you think they are more or less useful, give examples…this then becomes a great crib sheet for your revision).
It shows consumers enter consumption situations and how marketers try to control this
, also consider issues...

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