TMA b120

TMA b120

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Report on Original Travel


Timothy James Edward Deeming

Tutor Name: Dr Barbra Wallace

Page No.
Part I – Report on Original Travel 3

Part (a) Identification of different types of stakeholders and their contributions and concerns 3

Part (b) (i) Explanation of why a STEEP analysis may be useful 3
(ii) STEEP analysis 3

References 4

Part II Summary of TGF Disussion...............................................................................5

Part I – Report on Original Travel

To Nick Newbury

From Timothy Deeming Date: 23rd April 2015

Part (a) Identification of different types of stakeholders and their contributions and concerns

Listed below is a table of the different types of stakeholders that your business has, it is important to identify each stakeholder and their interests because it illustrates the connection between your business and the external environment, which is further illustrated below in the STEEP analysis (Page 25 Book 1 What is a good business The Open University 2006). I have also listed whether they are internal or external and what contributions and concerns they have with the business. From this, you will be able to identify areas where stakeholder affect the business.

Stakeholder Group
3 Co-founders
Knowledge and Experience, Passionate about the business
Profit of the company, continued growth, making sure company has competitive position, worried about merger with other company, worried about losing identity
Customers / Clients
Repeat Business,
Word of mouth for advertising,
Value for money, stability and reliability of holiday
Reputation, variety of business
Ensuring financial security, payments are made, supply and demand of customers

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