To Kill a Mocking Bird.

To Kill a Mocking Bird.

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Is There Hope For The County Of Maycomb?

Some readers can beg to differ that Harper Lee offers both little hope and large hope for the future of Maycomb. Lee uses a variety of factors ones including the family, childhood, education, social classification, bravery and innocence to interpret her views on Maycomb. As Lee takes the reader through an emotional journey of Jean-Louise Finch - mainly known as ‘Scout’-, she encounters different aspects of the local society. The reader is instantly struck by this overall feeling of the citizens of Maycomb being largely prejudice and also presenting how well each family know each other in the county.

This quotation, from Chapter 1, is Scout’s introductory description of Maycomb. Scout emphasises the slow pace, Alabama heat, and old-fashioned values of the town, in which men wear shirt collars, ladies use talcum powder, and the streets are not paved, turning to “red slop” in the rain. This description situates Maycomb in the reader’s mind as a sleepy Southern town; Scout even calls it “tired”. It also situates Scout with respect to the narrative: she writes of the time when she “first knew” Maycomb, indicating that she embarks upon this recollection of her childhood much later in life, as an adult. The description also provides important clues about the story’s chronological setting: in addition to now-outdated elements such as mule-driven Hoover carts and dirt roads, it also makes reference to the widespread poverty of the town, implying that Maycomb is in the midst of the Great Depression.

“Maycomb was an old town, but it was a tired old town when I first knew it…Somehow, it was hotter then; a black dog suffered on a summer’s day;…”

Based on a general view, education is very important for the structure of ones future. It can shape ones personality in ways that are advantageous for your future. Meaning great prospects for ones profession in later life. On the other hand, education could in still a bias in...

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