To Wear or Not to Wear

To Wear or Not to Wear

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This essay is all about whether people should be allowed to wear their usual clothes to school instead of school uniform. You will hear both sides of the story but over all one will come through on top.

Students should wear uniform to school because it unites the school together. It is a lot easier for people to identify a boy or girl who might have run away from school or got lost on their way to school. The wearing of a uniform also shows if you are under the age to purchase something, e.g. alcohol. The shopkeeper would not be allowed to sell this to you because you would be still in school uniform, so you would be under age.

Pupils might want to go in their own clothes because they feel a lot comfier. If you went in your own clothes to school you would also be able to choose the suitable clothes for the weather conditions e.g. if it is very hot and sunny you could choose to come in a polo top and shorts.

However, if your wore your uniform to school no one would be able to get teased about what they wore because everyone would be wearing the same thing. For example you could wear something that you really liked but people at the school could say it was babyish or horrible. This is a form of bullying and schools should not tolerate this. If you put yourself in the other person’s shoes you wouldn’t like it at all, to get teased and laughed at just for wearing something someone else doesn’t like, would you? A school uniform prevents all this from happening.

On the other hand, school uniforms can cost a lot of money that some people simply don’t have. If people have their own clothes then they would save up to six hundred pounds! That is an incredible amount just for a uniform. Also, some school kids are rivals with other schools; if a group of children from another school can see that there is someone in the school uniform of the school they dislike, it could cause violence. Moreover, if schools did not have uniforms, incidents such as these would not...

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