to what extent are you influenced to peers

to what extent are you influenced to peers

How to write a winning
Apprenticeship application

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This guide is packed full of hints and tips about how to work your way through registering, searching and applying
for your dream Apprenticeship job.
When you see this sign
take a few minutes to read our suggestions – it won’t take long and we promise it
will make a big difference to your application.
By reading through the different sections of this guide, you will be able to pick up valuable advice about the
application process that will really help your application to stand out and hopefully get you through to the
interview stage of the process.
We hope you find this guide useful and wish you every success in securing an Apprenticeship job opportunity.

This publication was produced by Hertfordshire County Council in conjunction
with the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Provider Network


Apprenticeship vacancy helpline 024 7682 6482


Step 1 – Register

Page 3 - 5

Step 2 – Search

Page 6 - 9

Step 3 – Apply

Page 10 - 23

Education History and Subject/qualifications

Page 11

Work Experience/History

Page 12

About you – What are your strengths?

Page 13 - 14

Finding and using ‘buzz words’

Page 15 –16

About You – What personal skills would you like to improve?

Page 17

About You – Is there anything we can do to help you at interview?

Page 18

About You – What are your hobbies, interests or achievements?

Page 19 - 20

Monitoring information

Page 21

How to apply

Page 22

Additional Employer Questions

Page 23

What happens next?

Page 24

Interview checklist

Page 25 - 26

Applications diary

Page 27 - 28

What the shortlisters say

Page 29

Interview dress code

Page 30

Apprenticeship vacancy helpline 024 7682 6482


Step 1: Register


Registering on the...

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