To What Extent Is Media Violence Related to Aggresive and Violent Behavior

To What Extent Is Media Violence Related to Aggresive and Violent Behavior

The proper steps to change a diaper

Before you begin to change the diaper, you should prepare for the change. Be sure that you wash and dry your hands, or if soap and water is not available to you, then make sure you use hand sanitizer.

Step 1 Set up a warm and clean area to change your baby. If you do not have a changing table, then make sure you have a blanket or changing cloth with you.

Step 2 Grab your supplies and it should include a diaper, wipes, or wet clothes. If your baby has diaper rash, then you will need your cream for that. You may have an extra set of clothing, just in case you need them.

Step 3 Make sure you lay your baby flat on their back, and always make sure you have at least one hand on your baby at all times. If your table has straps on it, then secure your baby in it.

Step 4 Take off your babies clothes.

Step 5 Unfasten the tabs on the dirty diaper. To prevent them from sticking to the baby, fold them over.

Step 6 Pull down the front of the dirty diaper. If your baby is a boy, then you might want to cover his penis with a cloth or another diaper so he doesn’t pee on either of you.

Step 7 if there’s poop in the diaper; use the front half of the diaper to wipe the bulk of it off your baby’s bottom.

Step 8 Fold the dirty diaper in half under your baby. To do this, you will need to lift your baby’s bottom off the table by grasping both ankles with one hand and gently lifting upward.

Step 9 Clean your baby’s front with a damp bay wipe, or warm wet cloth. If your baby is a girl, then always wipe front to back (towards her bottom).

Step 10 if there’s poop, grab another wipe and clean her bottom (front to back). This will help to keep poop out of her vagina. Also be sure to clean the creases of your baby’s thighs and bottom, too.

Step 11 let your baby’s skin air dry for a couple of minutes, or you can pat dry it with a dry cloth.

Step 12 put a new diaper under...

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