To Whom

To Whom

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"Not you want it to be"

You say were friends
But is it true?
You cause my tears to fall
My eyes start to ache
I can't understand it at all

You hardly say hi
And if you do you mean goodbye
You always walk away
Please tell me why
You don't ever stay

I don't know where to go from here
I need a friend to wipe my tears
Now I see it was not for real
That’s not the friend
You want to be.

"I know, I’m Sorry"

Sorry for the bad times
Sorry for your tears
Sorry I have hurt you
Sorry for the fears

I know I was stupid
I know I’m a jerk
I know how much you wounded
I know how far you damaged

Sorry I wasn't true
Sorry for not understanding you
I will apologize till you mend
Because I want you back
My dear friend

UPCP: Moving Forward on it’s 9th Year
(Reaction Paper by: Romjon Berdida)

On the past 9 years, this university was still here, standing and ready again to build it’s new year of reformation and improvement. The 9th Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig (UPCP) Foundation Day was held from 9th to 13th of March, a week of values, arts, creativity, skills, games and entertainments. UPCP is now a moving institution where it gives each student the moral integrity, spiritual reality and a helping hand that can be used as a guide or weapon of each UPCP students to their future career.

“We have an announcement to make… you can now kiss the bride, BoooOOoooOOoo!!!, and winner is...” These are the famous lines I heard last foundation day.

As I guess, there’s nothing much change. One is, programs are still the same but there are also new activities held, which is good. Second, different booths were opened. A very nice and good decision made by planners, because it adds up the enjoyment of the celebration. Third, a very controversial volleyball game, which faculties are allowed to joined. I’m happy because our college is the one who grab the champion slot (CCS). A very unjust rule! Fourth, the Ms. and Mr. PLP...

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